Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments / Botox injections

1 Area
2 Areas
3 Areas



Dermal Fillers From £250
Lip Fillers From £250
Mid Face Fillers From £650
Tear Troughs From £300
Peels (Obagi, Jessners, etc.) From £90
Obagi Skin Care From £100
Excessive Sweating From £400
Aqualyx (Fat Dissolving Injections) From £400
Minor Surgery From £200
Skin Tags From £125
Genuine Dermaroller

Dermaroller Face
Dermaroller Face / Neck / Decollete Treatment
Dermaroller Body / Stretch Marks Treatment
Isolated scars or Acne Scars Treatment From



PronoKal (Doctor Led Weight Loss Programme)

Pronokal initial consultation
Pronokal 2-week follow up consultation
Pronokal Follow-up consultation
Blood test prices vary according to requirement


From £30.00

*Please note that men may require much larger quantities of products depending on the treatment required and are therefore subject to a surcharge on all prices quoted above (£30 for Botox, £25 for Fillers etc.)




Bright Skin accepts Cash, Debit and Credit Card Payments

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